OpenPGP for Outlook

What Is It?

OpenPGP for Outlook is an add-in for Microsoft(R) Outlook(R) that sends and recieves e-mails in an encrypted form.

How Does It Work?

OpenPGP for Outlook acts as an front-end to the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) program to seamlessly add secure e-mail capabilities to Microsoft Outlook. All encryption / decryption of data is handled by GnuPG. GnuPG allows you to encrypt and sign your data and communication, features a versatile key managment system and, moreover, is free. For more information see
GnuPG is functionally equivalent (superior in some respects) to the commecial PGP software. OpenPGP for Outlook will work with either GnuPG or PGP according to your preference.

How Secure Is It?

Very secure indeed. Your messages and data will be protected from malicious persons or just idle curiosity. From commercial rivals to criminal gangs, Without the resources of the secret service of a major government dedicated to the task for some weeks it is unlikely that your messages can be decrypted by simple brute force. Sufficiently interested parties may choose an alternative strategy - see "So What Could Go Wrong?" below.
We would point out that a condition of use is that you do not use it for any unlawful purpose. Furthermore, your country may have specific regulations regarding the use of encryption software.

It's Not Just Privacy

OpenPGP for Outlook will sign your messages too. The electronic equivalent of putting your John Hancock at the bottom of a paper document. The signature uniquely and categorically asserts that the message was sent by you.

I Have Nothing To Hide

Good for you. Neither do I but I still seal the envelope when I send a letter through the post, have curtains on my windows and hide my PIN numbers.

Sending an open (i.e. not encrypted) e-mail has been compared to writing the message on a postcard. Anyone can read it. Not just the postman but anyone whose hands it may fall into.
E-mails go from your computer to your ISP or the company server. Then through various switches on the Internet before arriving at the recipients ISP or company server and finally delivered to the recipient's inbox. And that assumes it's correctly addressed and delivered. Along the way, the e-mail may be stored and is certainly available for any interested party to inspect.

It's most likely that e-mails will be read by the wrong person close to the sender or recipient. I.e. where the information is most relevant and interesting and the volume is lowest. So, your computer, the recipient's computer and the respective company servers.

OpenPGP for Outlook encrypts the e-mail when it is sent. It is stored in the sent items folder in encrypted form. It passes through all mail servers and the Internet in encrypted form. It arrives and is stored in the recipient's inbox in encrypted form.

So What Could Go Wrong?


This very early, test & development, version has several restrictions.


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